About Recyculent

What do you get when you combine a native San Franciscan with a passion for plants and repurposed material? RECYCULENT™. Rolling out of an Outer Richmond backyard in San Francisco, Recyculent™ was born when Artist and Creator, Roland Maxie realized that there might be a way re-purpose a buddy’s old bike wheel.

What started as an experiment, turned into gifts for friends and family and after gaining some exposure, a small business. In March 2017, Recyculent™ registered as a small business in San Francisco. 

Being born and raised in San Francisco and a product of the San Francisco Unified School District, Recyculent™ understands the importance of sustainability and community. While we remain committed to a product made of nearly 100% recycled materials, we also hold ourselves accountable for giving back to the community and city that’s made us who we are. We donate Recyculent™ pieces to companies, nonprofits and organizations of all types and sizes. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!





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